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Missing your ex? Dating service uses facial recognition to find a. Have just partnered up with Three Day Rule to offer an online dating service that will match you up with possible partners that look like your ex. The service uses face recognition to match up other users who share face features to your past boyfriends and girlfriends, which is fine if you know you have a type, but if you don’t, then isn’t it all a bit stalkery? Dating service uses facial recognition to find a lookalike of your previous partner - for a ,000 fee. teamed up with a Los Angeles.

Uses Facial Recognition To Help You Verify Your Online. It costs ,000 (or about £3,000) for a six month membership, which is pretty hefty compared to a standard subscription to the popular dating website which will set you back around £150 for six months. Say somebody on or a dating site sends you a picture. to the servers, the facial-recognition service takes over and checks.

Online Dating Find Your FaceMate Matches Mates By That’s because is rolling out facial recognition technology that can find you a clone of your ex. All-seeing, inscrutable algorithms on Google know us better than we know ourselves. Online dating site Find Your FaceMate sets out to match prospective mates based on similar facial features, which, according to site founder.

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