Hook up vacuum lines edelbrock carb

Why does my SBC 350 run like crap with a PCV valve? IH8MUD Forum

Why does my SBC 350 run like crap with a PCV valve? IH8MUD Forum It seemed solid, but when I tried to thten the nut (spec is 13 ft-lbs), it slowly pulled the stud up out of the hole. The manifold is cast iron, so using a real welder on it would be too hot to do in place on the engine. I determined that with the PCV valve hooked up, my SBC 350 will not idle rht, it just fluctautes up and down. With the line removed and capped off it sounds great, no RPM fluctuations. Could be hooked up to the wrong inlet on the carb. If the idle improves or increases then you have a vacuum leak.

Ask Away How Do You <i>Hook</i> up a Turbo

Ask Away How Do You Hook up a Turbo About nine months later (before a long road trip), I decided I ought to fix it. I also went with the Lokar kick down switch on my JW performance 400turbo easy to hook up. I also changed my throttle pedal and linkage to Lokar, as my stock linkage.


CARB TUNING THE SCIENTIFIC WAY - I was able to get a couple threads from the bolt to grip before the bolt bottomed out in the hole, so I decided to give that a shot & see if it worked. Carburetor Tuning the Scientific Way or How to Tune Your Holley Carburetor and Other Fuelish Ramblings By ASE Certified Master Auto Mechanic, Engineer.

<i>Vacuum</i> advance problem UPDATE NEW PROBLEM PAGE 3 Archive - El.

Vacuum advance problem UPDATE NEW PROBLEM PAGE 3 Archive - El. Anyway, this weld material was apparently harder than my taps, and that's what caused them to go flat. Could there be something wrong with the carburator? i have an edelbrock carburator. That's assuming that your are using the correct port on the carb, and. If you are putting the vacuum line for the vacuum advance to the port on. it is advancing the timing of the motor as soon as you connect the line.

<em>Vacuum</em> <em>Lines</em> Connection - YouTube

Vacuum Lines Connection - YouTube Attempting to drill out the hole only ed the drill bit, so I'm assuming that the object was a piece of a broken tap or some other super-hard object. Vidéo incorporée · EPISODE 103 Tuning Classic Car with Vacuum Gauge, Plug Reading, Jetting Autorestomod - Duration. AutoRestoMod Muscle Car Resto and Modifications.

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