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Tandré <i>Victorious</i> FANDOM powered by

Tandré Victorious FANDOM powered by It was never mentioned in the show how their relationship ended, except that they never appear again as a couple. Tandré is the pairing of Tori Vega and André Harris, Tori and André. Tandré has many fans and fanfiction and seems like a likely couple. When the doctor asks Jade if she and Robbie are dating, he probably thinks Tori and André, the.

Robbie Fixes <i>Tori</i> <i>and</i> <i>Jade</i>, a <i>victorious</i> fanfic <i>FanFiction</i>

Robbie Fixes Tori and Jade, a victorious fanfic FanFiction They go on dates together with other guys and rob them of their money and valuable items. This is a friendship fic between Robbie, Tori, and Jade, as well as. one of the leading forces in messing with Tori and Jade possibly dating.

<em>Victorious</em> ff - Hades_daughter21 - Wattpad

Victorious ff - Hades_daughter21 - Wattpad This pairing will never happen, due to the large age difference between Cat and Lane. A victorious fanfic that has the characters deal with things that real teens deal with like sex. Tori is dating Jade but her parents don't know she is Gay.

Beck/<strong>Jade</strong>/<strong>Andre</strong>/<strong>Tori</strong> HAPPILY NEVER AFTER

Beck/Jade/Andre/Tori HAPPILY NEVER AFTER Bayley is the pairing of Beck Oliver and Hayley Ferguson (B/eck and H/ayley). They don't interact again, since Hayley only appeared once on the show. Cane is the pairing of Cat Valentine and Lane (C/at and L/ane). PlotJade finds a letter adressed to her that she thinks is wriiten Beck but it is really written by Andre becuase Tori want.

<i>Victorious</i> - What is your real personality? -

Victorious - What is your real personality? - They are both Northridge girls and seem to be best friends. Matches 1 - 8 of 8. Hi there! Would you like to find out which Victorious character you are most like? You'll either be Tori Vega, Andre Harris, Jade West, Beck.

<i>Jade</i> <i>and</i> Beck ~ Have They Moved On? - Victoriously_Me -

Jade and Beck ~ Have They Moved On? - Victoriously_Me - Pairings can either be platonic friendships and/or romantic relationships, and can be made up of both once-appearing characters and regular characters. When Jade and Beck broke up, they were both shocked and heartbroken. But before the Platinum Music Awards, Beck was going to kiss Tori. But Tori stopped.

Loved You First {a Bori - <em>Victorious</em> - <em>fanfiction</em>}

Loved You First {a Bori - Victorious - fanfiction} Caniel is the pairing of Cat and Daniel (C/at and D/aniel). Fanfiction. A Bori from Victorious fanfiction. I ship Tori Vega and Beck Oliver hard and I was bored one day so I started writing. It says he's dating Jade again?

Minor Ships <i>Victorious</i> Fandom powered by

Minor Ships Victorious Fandom powered by Sometimes, if the amount of evidence grows to a particularly staggering amount, the characters interact often, and it seems like an extremely possible candidate for a canon onscreen relationship, the pairing can move on to have their own pairing page. Minor Ships are the lesser known ships on Victorious. Since there are. Lane interviews Cat along with Robbie, Jade, Tori, André and Rex. Daniel likes Cat's brownies, even though he told Tori when they were dating that he didn't eat them.

<em>Tori</em> Vega/<em>Jade</em> West - Works Archive of Our

Tori Vega/Jade West - Works Archive of Our Daniel cheated on her by kissing Tori and only has one appearance on the show. Nothing new is ever easy, and a performing art's school is absolutely no exception. The closest thing Tori has to familiarity in this very new, very strange.

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